Predict your campaign
ad impressions in seconds.

The ShiftForward Ad Forecaster truthfully measures inventory availability,
tackling both unreliable forecasts and unsold inventory.
It is the ideal tool to shun overselling and under-delivering, allowing for a flawless ad planning strategy.

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Why do you need ad inventory forecasting?

Understand the present

Understand the present

Do you know how your running campaigns will actually deliver against their goals? Or will it be too late before you can correct their course?

Act on it as it happens.

Plan the future

Plan the future

How much time does your sales team take to answer a proposal? How long does it take for them to know the ad inventory available for a custom campaign?

Discover true availability within seconds.

Why go with the Ad Forecaster?

The growth of data available for campaign targeting makes traditional forecasting methods obsolete.
Spreadsheets or standard ad server forecasting tools are no longer able to produce reliable forecasts because they look at at aggregated counts, a limited set of variables and don’t allow for ad ops own insights to be taken into account.
The more data overlaps, the more inaccurate these approaches become, and this is only exacerbated by the increased use of 3rd-party data targeting, frequency capping and booking complexity.

The Ad Forecaster, on the other hand, works at individual users and ad requests level, making for trusworthy ad inventory predictions.

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The Ad Forecaster frees you from the blur of standard solutions,
making for a smooth and dependable ad planning strategy.

For Whom

For Publishers

Premium publishers and networks are the first to suffer from unreliable forecasting as soon as they start overlaying data with their inventory, which they are compelled to do in order to increase the value of their inventory.

For Exchanges, SSPs and DSPs

The “automated channels” are already data-driven but have been focused on RTB and performance. In order to grow their service offering with guaranteed campaign delivery they require accurate and scalable forecasting engines.

For Ad Servers

Ad Server providers require a forecasting engine capable of using all the data their clients are throwing at it, or risk being replaced by another provider who does.


The Ad Forecaster sits at the center of your Online Advertising Platform, answering questions from your campaign management GUI/Services when they require the knowledge of how many unique users and ad impressions are available for a campaign.

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